About Us

Why not be unique?  Here at Que Sera Linens, we capitalize on giving you something that sets your room apart from others. Our 30 Sets collection is just that; 30-of-a-kind duvets for your room that are sure to make a statement and be unique.  In fact, we will only sell 30 of each pattern across the USA.  Pair your new duvet with a matching sheet set and your bed will set the stage for the other accessories in your room.

About the Owner

Always having a passion for linens, founder Diane Nielsen wanted to bring unique/fresh options to the US market.  In addition to wanting top quality, she wanted it to be affordable to the average consumer.  In order to do this, she located a manufacturing partner who shared her same eye for quality as well as design.  Bringing these designs straight to the consumer (not selling them in stores for twice the price), Diane is able to place fine linens in your home at an affordable price point.

The natural add on was matching colored sheeting of the same high quality.  This lead to additional options such as fill inserts, bath items and more to make Que Sera Linens a one-stop shop for those who desire it.

Our Partnership

Que Sera Linens is proud to partner with Nanci’s Gift.  This organization is near and dear to our heart because of Diane’s recent battle with breast cancer (2017).  Nanci’s Gift provides financial assistance to women for diagnostic breast cancer screening.  The hope is that this “gift” will help them detect the disease at an early stage when treatment is less invasive.  Three years ago, Nanci’s Gift started awarding college scholarships to high school seniors who have watched their parent fight breast cancer.  It is our hope that in partnering with Nanci’s Gift, we can help other women and children.  For this reason, we pledge a percentage of each order as our support.

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